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郊外コミュニティにおける定年退職男性の「男性性」再構築 : ライフストーリーからの考察


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  • Reconstruction of retiree's masculinities in suburban community : examination from their life stories

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In this paper, the author examines the transformation process of the masculinities, through the life stories analysis of the male retiree in suburban estate (Sakuragaoka, Tama City, Tokyo) advanced by the employee's retirement. After 1990, it has been clearly pointed out that gender is not essential structures but social, cultural differences. Femininity and masculinity is not already an axiomatic, and it is possible to be modified. The author used surveying technique lifestory to understand men's identity, culture, and societies from the life and the experience. Their narrative included that they reflect on masculinity which they have maintained especially at office space. The narratives tell us that masculinity is never a monolith but constructed in contextually and dynamically. In suburban communities, residents have various behaviors beyond modern, fixed gender role. Men involving the community need construct new masculinity which can positively undertake change in flexible gender role. To achieve this, men should share housework and caring works with women, and restructure their masculinities to collaborat\e with women.


  • 人間文化創成科学論叢

    人間文化創成科学論叢 12 335-344, 2010-03-31


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