Report on the Competency Assessment Program in the career education of Ochanomizu University

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  • お茶の水女子大学キャリア教育における「コンピテンシー評価プログラム」の実践報告

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Since 2010, Ochanomizu University has been implementing the Career Design Program\ for undergraduate students. This program is based on the concept of developing leadership\ competencies in women and aims to supplement and enhance career training designed to\ nurture capabilities that will serve as foundations for diverse career paths. The program is\ organized in two parts: the career design courses and the compe tency assessment program.\ This report deals with the latter. What kind of assessment rubrics did we develop that was for\ students to reflect on their own behavior, and to evaluate their own competencies? What kind\ of analysis tools (online systems) did we construct and implement? What have been the trends\ till date regarding students’ usage of these tools and the results of the self-assessments? We\ report on the developmental and operational aspects of conducting the competency assessment\ program and review the program’ s accomplishments and future challenges.



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