Report on “The research of the life of the new students of 2014 ” : Focusing on the plans and concerns of the students after entering university, and the support that they expect from the university

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  • 「平成26 年度新入生の生活に関する調査」報告 : 入学後の学生生活の予定や不安、期待する学生支援に着目して

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This paper reports the results of the research on the life of the new students of Ochanomizu\ University in 2014 and their guardians, focusing on their plans and concerns about campus\ life and expected support from the university, etc., in comparison with the results of a similar\ survey conducted in the previous year.\ The main findings are below: 1) As in the previous year, many students are planning to\ commute to university from the Tokyo Metropolitan area , and over 80% of the students are\ paying a monthly rent of “50,000 to less than 100,000 yen” for their apartments. 2) The items\ on which the students intend to place emphasis in their first year at university are study,\ exchange with friends and activities in clubs and circles, and their concerns are classes and\ credits, human relationships, and their career paths and future, while their guardians are\ concerned about their career paths and future, health and human relationships. 3) As in the\ previous year, both students and their guardians expect support especially for career paths\ after graduation. 4) Compared with the data of the past three years, it is found that this year\ the freshmen’ s recognition of the scholarship and their parents’ recognition of the scholarship\ and their wishes on the scholarship are decreased. It’ s also found that the freshmen and their\ parents’ recognitions concerning the dormitory are promoted.



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