<Survey and Practical Reports>Problems in the Recruitment Systems for International Students in Japanese Universities and a Search for Remedies: Background Introduction and Status of Admissions Assistance Office in Kyoto University

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  • <調査報告・実践報告>日本の大学における留学生受入れ体制の問題点及び解決策の探索 --京都大学におけるアドミッション支援オフィス導入の背景と効果
  • 日本の大学における留学生受入れ体制の問題点及び解決策の探索 : 京都大学におけるアドミッション支援オフィス導入の背景と効果
  • ニホン ノ ダイガク ニ オケル リュウガクセイ ウケイレ タイセイ ノ モンダイテン オヨビ カイケツサク ノ タンサク : キョウト ダイガク ニ オケル アドミッション シエン オフィス ドウニュウ ノ ハイケイ ト コウカ

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This paper describes the efforts to recruit international students using the Admissions Assistance Office and study abroad seminars held in key universities in China as examples. The problem is that a number of outstanding students interested in studying in Japan do not choose to study at Japanese universities. Study results, based on questionnaire surveys conducted with students in key universities in China, show the following:(1)in Japan, there is an overcomplicated admission procedure and inadequate information for prospective international students as well as scholarship issues;(2)in China, there is a gap between universities with regard to academic achievements and the presence of bogus recruitment agents; and(3) there is a mutual lack of understanding about the systems of higher education in Japan and China. Since the launch of the Admissions Assistance Office and study abroad seminars, the situation has improved, but some problems remain. The prospect of overcoming these challenges is also described.


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