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Analytical Chemistry as Methodology in Modern Pure and Applied Chemistry


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Analytical chemistry is an indispensable methodology in pure and applied chemistry, which is often compared to a foundation stone of architecture. In the home page of jsac, it is said that analytical chemistry is a learning of basic science, which treats the development of method in order to get usefull chemical information of materials by means of detection, separation, and characterization. Analytical chemistry has recently developed into analytical sciences, which treats not only analysis involving evaluation, diagnosis, and forecast but also intellectual region. It is not too much to say that all the branch of natural sciences is based on analytical chemistry. Natural science has constantly made remarkable progress day by day, and therefore modern analytical chemistry must be revised by taking the most newest information into the curriculum every year.


  • Analytical Sciences

    Analytical Sciences 17 (SUPPLEMENT), i567-i569, 2001-01-01

    Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry = 日本分析化学会


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