Roles of Business Corporations in Local Community : Case Studies of Sake Brewing Corporations

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  • 地方企業の地域社会における役割に関する一考察-清酒製造業を事例にして-
  • チホウ キギョウ ノ チイキ シャカイ ニ オケル ヤクワリ ニ カンスル イチ コウサツ セイシュ セイゾウギョウ オ ジレイ ニ シテ
  • チホウキギョウ ノ チイキシャカイ ニ オケル ヤクワリ ニ カンスル イチコウサツ セイシュセイゾウギョウ ヲ ジレイ ニ シテ

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In this study the author examined business cases with consideration to the revitalization of local community by Sake-brewing corporations, for showing of roles and significances of the business corporation in the local community. Most local business corporations are family owned businesses and their features are employee orientation based on positive phase of organic organization, customer orientation based on innovation relating to technology, sales and organization, management policy based on a long-term vision without need to consider stockholders and positive contribution to local community. Business companies in local community have aimed for a harmonious relationship with local community based on cooperation. The corporate governance system in the local business corporations has been based on a relationship of trust/fiduciary in the local community. Business corporations in the local community have maintained the local community in multi-functionality such as supply with goods and services, employment and social contribution. Natural and social resources in the community have also supported business corporations. The creation of good relationship based on trust and fiduciary relations with the local community is the role and significance of business corporations in the local community.







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