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  • Development of CGI-based Automatic Scoring and Tabulation System and its Application to English Education
  • CGI オ リヨウ シタ ジドウ サイテン シュウケイ システム ノ カイハツ ト エイゴ キョウイク エノ オウヨウ

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The educational environment at colleges and universities has been exposed to keen competition in Japan. The increased competition in education unfortunately leads to the poor communication between students and teachers. Teachers cannot have enough time to communicate or consult with the students due to the pile of papers they have to deal with. In addition most teachers have to spend a lot of time to mark. Teachers in Japan have not enjoyed the benefit of advanced information technology. The computers and network technology on campus are exclusively used to improve students' computer skills and for correspondences between staff members. This technology should also help teachers save time in everyday educational jobs and have more time to communicate and consult with their students. So far, many of the application software in education field have been programmed to help students learn in curriculums. This time I designed the CGI-based application named 'SokuShukei-kun' with easy-to-use interface which helps teachers save much time in making and scoring multiple-choice questions frequently used in English tests. This application also functions as simple tabulation system for sending out questionnaires on the Web. The detailed functions of this software are explained in this paper. Its effectiveness and efficiency are also elaborated based on the questionnaires completed by the users including the teachers and the students.



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