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  • 『虫の文化史』追補(農学部門)
  • ムシ ノ ブンカシ ノ ツイホ
  • Supplemental notes for "Cultural entomology" (Agriculture)

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さきに刊行した『虫の文化史』に補足すべき知見, すなわちカイコの眠期呼称についての伝説, 人体寄生虫シラミの分類学的検討などの文献を引用, 解説した。

It used to be said that the moulting periods of silkworm are the rest of lion, hawk, boat and yard, for the first to fourth moults in the larval stage, respectively, by the old sericulturists in Japan. It is originated from a myth of a young princess, Konjiki-hime's passion history in the Old China. Also, the specific status of human head and body louse, and the Atlantic louse line are discussed.





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