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  • エイゴ スピーチ コウザ ニ オケル ラジオ CM コピー ノ カツヨウ ト キョウイク ジッセン
  • Utilizing Radio Commercials to English Speech Education

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type:Research Paper

This paper examines English speech education based on comparisons of the writing techniques in English persuasive speeches and Japanese radio commercials. Reviewing the technical characteristics of radio commercial copywriting from a viewpoint of visualization technique, the similarities between radio commercials and persuasive speeches are explored. It also introduces a classroom practice which uses "radio shopping" in English speech education to help students learn the importance of the visualization technique in their own English speeches. Several "revised" sentences by the students, which contain new visualization ideas, derived from the previous study of radio commercials, are shown along with the original sentences found in their English speeches. This demonstrates how visualization techniques in radio commercials enable students to enhance their awareness and ability to express their ideas so that the audience may easily visualize and comprehend the key points in the speeches.





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