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A Concept analysis : Empowerment in cancer patients


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Objective:The objective of this study is to clarify the characteristics and construct of empowerment in cancer patients and to examine the utility of the concept in relation to patient support. Method:Thirty seven literatures were extracted between 2000 and 2010 in the following five fields: nursing, public health, social science, psychology, and pedagogy. An analysis was conducted employing Rodgers’ concept analysis approach. Results:The concept of empowerment in cancer patients comprised the following 6 attributes:[existence of motivation],[awareness and reinforcement of inner strength], [acquisition ofproblem-solving abilities],[self-directive and independent activities],[reframing],and[construction of partnership and interaction]. And 4 antecedents,5consequences are extracted from the analysis. Conclusion:We defined the concept of cancer patient empowerment as “a process of gaining the ability to reframe thoughts about cancer,treatment,and life through the enhancement of active and independent behavior,acquisition of problem-solving abilities,and recognition and einforce-ment of intrinsic strength,on the basis of the patients’motivation,and realized through the interaction within the partnerships constructed between the cancer patients and people surrounding the patient.” This concept can be utilized for the research and practice in the field of cancer care,which aims to support cancer patients in acquiring the power to live their normal lives with cancer.

identifier:The Kitakanto medical journal. 63(2), 165-174 (2013)



identifier:The Kitakanto medical journal, 63(2): 165-174


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