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宮沢賢治が創った「ケンタウル祭」の由来と意義 : 短歌や「銀河鉄道の夜」とドイツ語・ドイツ文化との関わりをめぐって


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  • ミヤザワ ケンジ ガ ツクッタ ケンタウルマツリ ノ ユライ ト イギ タンカ ヤ ギンガ テツドウ ノ ヨル ト ドイツゴ ドイツ ブンカ ト ノ カカワリ オ メグッテ
  • The origin and meaning of Miyazawa Kenji's "Kentaur-Festival": Miyazawa Kenji's tanka, his "Night of the Galactic Train" and German language and culture

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In "Night of the Galactic Train", one of the most famous works of Miyazawa Kenji, a festival with the strange name "Kentaur-Festival" appears. The central theme of the story is a dream about a journey to the stars, and so the name of the festival is interpreted as being related to the Centaurus-constellation. But this name appears for the first time in a tanka, written by the young Kenji, and in terms of content and time it has no connection with the constellation. In our understanding it is the figure of Kentaur, the German name for the half-man-half-horse figure of Greek mythology, who gave his name to the festival. When he was young, Kenji read about horse-breeding and the German language, and the "Chagu-chagu-umako" festival and other events of the horse-breeding culture of Iwate gave rise to the Kentaur-festival. Furthermore, being interested in the figure of chimera, Kenji took the Kentaur with its upper half of a man and lower half of a horse as a metaphor of the conflicts within himself between reason and sexual instincts. Like in Iwate, there are festivals in Germany too, where in the early spring horses are blessed in the hope of rich harvest. Kenji probably knew about this folklore and gave expression to the high feelings of his youth in the festival of the Kentaur. Later in his life, when he wrote the early drafts of "Night of the Galactic Train", he mentioned the Kentaur, but ultimately it did not fit to this quiet story for young readers, and so he took it out. What was left was the name of the festival, but the image of the figure itself faded.





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