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  • カイテンガタ エンケイ テーブルトップ システム ニ オケル ダイキボ ジョウホウ ノ シカクカ オヨビ タイワ シュホウ
  • Informaton Layout and Interaction on Rotationable Round Tabletop Systems
  • ヒューマンインタフェース

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Many tabletop systems have been developed, but few of them discussed how to visualize and manipulate a large number of information such as files on the tabletop which is physically limited in size. In order to address this issue, we developed a rotary table. The system recognizes users' hand gestures and the users can rotate the table virtually. The table acts as a scroll wheel and users can see much information by scrolling the table. We investigated three layout method, sequential, classification, and spiral layout on the system. and conducted user studies. Moreover, we also developed a REAL rotary table by using a roller bearing and a round tabletop. Then, we conducted comparative experiments on usability and intuitiveness of two rotary tables.



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