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  • カクレ マルコフ モデル ニ モトヅイタ ウタゴエ ゴウセイ システム
  • A Singing Voice Synthesis System Based on Hidden Markov Model

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We describe a singing voice synthesis system by applying HMM-basedspeech synthesis technique.In this system, a sequence of spectrum and F0 are modeledsimultaneously in a unified framework of HMM, and context dependentHMMs are constructed by taking account of contextual factors thataffects singing voice.In addition, the distributions for spectral and F0 parameter areclustered independently by using a decision-tree based contextclustering technique.Synthetic singing voice is generated from HMMs themselves by usingparameter generation algorithm. In the experiments, we confirmed that smooth and natural-soundingsinging voice is synthesised. It is also maintains the characteristicsand personality of the donor of the singing voice data for HMMtraining.


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