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  • Extension of “Amazing Sketchbook” with New Methods of Modeling and Interaction

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“Amazing Sketchbook” is a digital tool where it is possible to create 3DCG just only by drawing a picture on a physical sketchbook with physical color pens. It is also possible not only to create 3DCG from a picture, but also to interact with 3DCG by touching the picture on a physical sketchbook. In this tool, the user can contact with digital data through analog interface and operation in the real space, thus it could be useful for new media tool which any users from children to older use. In this paper, we extend “Amazing Sketchbook” with new method of modeling and interaction. We developed a new method to create a 3D shape from an object drawn on the sketchbook, and developed a method to decide the way creating 3D shapes automatically. We also developed a method to interact with 3DCG objects by shaking a physical sketchbook. We held a workshop with our extended “Amazing Sketchbook”, and verified effectiveness of our tool. The extended “Amazing Sketchbook” have more various expression and interaction, and i could be useful for education, art, and entertainment.


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