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  • EverCuate: Asynchronously-participatable Tsunami Evacuation Training System

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Evacuation trainings have been conducted as an effective action to protect people from incoming tsunamis in case of a big earthquake. This research addresses limitations of existing conventional “event-style” tsunami evacuation trainings, that are inflexible in disaster scenarios, training timings, training locations, and participatable trainees. We propose a new ubiquitous computing technology-supported training model named “Asynchronously-Participatable Tsunami Evacuation Training Model” and a prototype system “EverCuate” based on this model. We evaluated the EverCuate system by conducting an extensive user study in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa, with 40 participants and the total number of 229 trainings. The evaluation results validated the effectiveness of EverCuate in terms of easiness in participation to a training, promotion of understanding necessity of different evacuation behaviour for different disaster scenarios, and easiness of analysing people's real evacuation behaviour from the view point of local authorities.


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