Strain-triggered mechanical feedback in self-organizing optic-cup morphogenesis


Organogenesis is a self-organizing process of multiple cells in three-dimensional (3D) space, where macroscopic tissue deformations are robustly regulated by multicellular autonomy. It is clear that this robust regulation requires cells to sense and modulate 3D tissue formation across different scales, but its underlying mechanisms are still unclear. To address this question, we developed a versatile computational model of 3D multicellular dynamics at single-cell resolution and combined it with the 3D culture system of pluripotent stem cell–derived optic-cup organoid. The complementary approach enabled quantitative prediction of morphogenesis and its corresponding verification and elucidated that the macroscopic 3D tissue deformation is fed back to individual cellular force generations via mechanosensing. We hereby conclude that mechanical force plays a key role as a feedback regulator to establish the robustness of organogenesis.


  • Science Advances

    Science Advances 4 (11), 1-, 2018-11-02

    American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

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