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珪藻遺骸を用いた汽水域の古環境復元に関する現状と今後の課題 : 分析方法,高精度化,定量化,データベースの整備


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  • The Applications of Diatom Assemblages to Reconstruct Paleoenvironmental Changes at Brackish Lakes in Japan : The Trends of Recent Studies and Their Problems
  • ケイソウ イガイ オ モチイタ キスイイキ ノ コカンキョウ フクゲン ニ カンスル ゲンジョウ ト コンゴ ノ カダイ ブンセキ ホウホウ コウセイドカ テイリョウカ データベース ノ セイビ

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Paleolimnological studies using biological remains of diatoms in sediment cores can provide information for the reconstruction of historical water chemistry and climatic changes. The trend of recent diatom studies at brackish lakes in Japan were complied as follows. (l) Methodological and taxonomical discussion (2) Annually laminated sediments (3) Quantitative reconstruction of paleoenvironments (4) Database of living diatom assemblages for paleolimnological studies



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