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  • Ge(100)表面の極薄TiO_xキャッピングによるHfO_2原子層堆積/熱処理時の界面反応制御(ゲート絶縁薄膜,容量膜,機能膜及びメモリ技術)
  • Ge 100 ヒョウメン ノ ゴクウス TiOx キャッピング ニ ヨル HfO2 ゲンシソウ タイセキ ネツ ショリジ ノ カイメン ハンノウ セイギョ
  • Control of Interfacial Reactions in HfO_2 Atomic-Layer-Deposition on Ge(100) and Post-deposition Anneal with Ultrathin TiO_x Capping on Ge(100)

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To control interfacial reaction between high-k dielectric and Ge(100) we focused on insertion of TiO_x ultrathin layer with a high permittivity(ε: 50-80) as a interfacial barrier layer and studied atomic-layer controlled CVD process of TiO_2 on HC1-treated Ge(100). In order to suppress the growth of GeO_x layer with a low permittivity during the formation of high-k dielectric such as HfO_2, TiO_x (x<2) ultrathin layers were formed on Ge(100) by repeating saturated adsorption of TEMAT and its thermal decomposition. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy after HfO_2 layer formation on TiO_x/Ge(100) show that Ge atoms diffusion in the HfO_2 layer is efficiently suppressed by inserting TiO_x thicker than 2nm.



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