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  • 空撮画像を基準とした車載カメラ画像のモザイキングによる道路画像生成手法の検討(一般セッション,医用画像処理分野における計測・認識・理解)
  • クウサツガゾウ オ キジュン ト シタ シャサイ カメラ ガゾウ ノ モザイキング ニ ヨル ドウロ ガゾウ セイセイ シュホウ ノ ケントウ
  • A Study on Road Image Generation by Mosaicing of In-Vehicle Camera Images Using Aerial Image as a Reference

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For intelligent car navigation systems, we aim to generate a "bird's-eye road image". The proposed method performs mosaicing of an in-vehicle camera image sequence using an aerial image as a reference. We confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed method through experiments, although several problems were confirmed. [Note] This document is an informal handout distributed at an IEICE TC-PRMU workshop.

IEICE Technical Report;IE2011-26, PRMU2011-18, MI2011-18



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