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  • LED アレイ ト コウソクド カメラ オ モチイタ カシコウ ツウシン ノ タメ ノ ユウセンド チョウジョウ フゴウカ
  • Overlay Coding for Visible Light Communication using LED Array and High-Speed Camera

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In this paper, we discuss on visible light communications using an LED array as the transmitter and a highspeed camera as the receiver. A challenge is that the longer the distance between the transmitter and the receiver, the more reduction in the resolution of the receive image occurs. To solve the problem, we allocate high priority data to low frequency components of spatial frequency. Then, we can receive high priority data even if the receiver is far from the transmitter. For that, we have used the Wavelet transform in our previous researches. However, the conventional scheme limits the number and the disposition of LEDs which can be allocated data. In other words, the hierarchical coding using the Wavelet transform has a low degree of freedom of design. In this paper, to improve a degree of freedom of design, we propose the overlay coding which does not limit the number and the disposition of LEDs.

IEICE Technical Report;ITS2010-39, IEICE Technical Report;IE2010-114



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