A Study on the Participation Assessment of the Elderly in their Familiar Community Using the Japanese Version of Quality of Community Integration Questionnaire

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  • 地域高齢者における参加の評価 : QCIQ(Quality of Community Integration Questionnaire)を用いた試み

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In an aging society, one of the most important challenges is supporting participation of the elderly in their familiar community. Research on the state of participation of the elderly and their degree of satisfaction with their participation, however, is yet to be widely pursued. To prepare a system for supporting participation among elderly people in their familiar community, we used the Quality of Community Integration Questionnaire (QCIQ) to investigate the participation status and satisfaction of elderly who used community rehabilitation services. The participation status of the elderly and the factors that affect them were examined based on the results of 123 community rehabilitation services users’ questionnaire scores, comprising an objective and a subjective sub-score. For the Community Integration Questionnaire (CIQ) sub-score (objective), the relevance with the level of care requirement was suggested; however, for the QCIQ sub-score (subjective), such relevance was not detected. The dissociation between the objective and subjective aspects of participation was thought to have occurred because many of the elderly people in this study were satisfied with their current level of participation, even though their limited participation required support and assistants. It is necessary to establish an assessment method for the subjective aspect of participation. Moreover, these related characteristics of participation are key to supporting participation of the elderly in their familiar community, and should be considered.


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