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島崎藤村に関する覚え書き『微風』の二重構造 : 『新生』事件の仮託表白

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  • (A Note on Tosōn Shimazaki) Duality of Narration in "Bifu" : Fictionalized Representation of The Truth in "Shinsei"

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Tosōn Shimazaki is an autobiographical novelist. He wrote "Ie" (The Family). a masterpiece of naturalism in Japanese literature, in the year when he was bereaved of his wife. After her death he asked his niece to stay with him and look after his four children. He fell in love with her and got her with child, Seven years after this incident he wrote "Shinsei" (The New Life), in which he was said to have confessed his illicit love. But he wrote fifteen short stories during the year of the incident, published "Bifu" (The Breeze), a collection of these stories, and left for France to escape his disgrace. I have examined the dual-purpose device in narrating these stories. I have observed that disguising the truth, he betrayed his secret anguish and repentance caused by the incident in these stories which were composed of his experiences in boyhood or other autobiographical material. My conclusion is that as early as seven years before the publication of "Shinsei" he had confessed his love affair implicitly in "Bifu."


信州大学教養部紀要. 第一部, 人文科学 3: 1-27(1968)



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