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公立高等学校入試における市町村教育行政の配分方式 -事例としての「姫路方式」-


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  • コウリツ コウトウ ガッコウ ニュウシ ニ オケル シチョウソン キョウイク ギョウセイ ノ ハイブン ホウシキ : ジレイ ト シテ ノ 「 ヒメジ ホウシキ 」
  • Administrative method of municipal government in public high school entrance examinations: Case study of Himeji city

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In this paper, to analyze the administrative control of municipal government in public high school entranceexamination. In Hyogo prefecture, it has been carried out numerous attempts for high school entranceexamination. However, it did not analyze all municipal government of effort. Therefore it was investigated inthis paper. This achievement is that it revealed the "Himeji method", which is operated in Himeji.Features of "Himeji method" is, examinees can select the school of choice, if there is a public high schoolof capacity shortage in the neighborhood after the pass, it was to be changed to the school. "Himeji method"were discontinued in a short period of time because they do not choose a school of choice. And, Himeji Citywas changed to policy to depend on the capacity of the private school.To focus on measures of municipal government is effective in helping to understand the region-specificeducation issues in public high school entrance examination. In addition, the paper pointed out the importanceof analyzing the experience that the municipal government has accumulated.


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