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  • コンピュータビジョン ギジュツ ニ ヨル ジ セダイ モーションキャプチャ
  • Computer Vision-based Motion Capturing System

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A computer vision-based motion capture has a remarkable advantage that it can measure a pose and motion of human body impermeable. This means that one can capture a human motion in movies or videos in the past. This paper surveys computer vision-based approaches for human motion capture. A process of these approaches is composed of three steps. The first step is to detect parts of human body from the image. The second step is model fitting to estimate the human pose. The model fitting can be established by direct or inverse kinematics approaches. The third step is to estimate the motion. Several constraints can uniquely determine the motion. After explaining these processes in details, techniques generating new action from captured motions are described. Finally, future works are directed, that is, a human pose from an image, an evaluation of pose estimation, a human shape from motion, guessing causes of human action and automatic capturing human motion in real time.


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