Synthesis and Luminescent Properties in Sr Defect and Oxide Doped SrAl2O4 : Eu Phosphors

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  • ユーロピウム添加アルミン酸ストロンチウムの組成変化と酸化物添加による発光特性
  • ユーロピウムテンカ アルミンサンストロンチウム ノ ソセイヘンカ ト サンカブツテンカ ニヨル ハッコウトクセイ

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Eu doped strontium aluminate (SAOE) with Sr defects and oxides (SiO2,PO4,B2O3), Sr1-x-Al2O4Euy ( y = 0.01, 0.81≦1-x≦1.03 ) and Sr0.99Al2-wSi(B,P)wO4:Eu0.01( 0.5≦w≦10mol%) respectively were prepared by solid states reaction . When the cell volume of the SAOEs decreased with decreasing Sr content or adding oxides, mechanoluminescence (ML) intensity increased. The decreasing of the lattice volumes of each sample means the increasing in oxygen vacancies, it seems that oxygen vacancies contributed to the increasing of the intensity of mechanoluminescence.


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