A study of Burn out among Male Caregivers of People with Dementia Living at Home

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  • 在宅で認知症者を介護する男性の情緒的疲弊
  • ザイタク デ ニンチショウシャ オ カイゴ スル ダンセイ ノ ジョウチョテキ ヒヘイ

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This study focused on coping and burnout related to provision of care among male caregivers of people with dementia living at home. It is estimated that 25% of those aged over 65 years will have dementia by 2025. Extra care is required for people with dementia who have behavioral and psychological symptoms. This increased caregiving demand places stress on caregivers and may affect their psychological health. Increasing numbers of unmarried or divorced persons have resulted in changes in family structure and an increase in family size. Therefore the number of male caregivers has also increased. Seventy percent of the perpetrators of murder or abuse in homecare are male caregivers. Difficulties experienced by male caregivers include the care burden, coping with care problems, and burnout. This study found a Male caregivers with dementia living at home of burn out has influence symptoms and independently performed daily activities of dementia. Our finding suggests that we needs to be support for each male caregiver's coping style.




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