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  • An Attempt to Convert Structural Descriptions of Chinese Characters



Since many Chinese characters consist of combinations of multiple components, the machine-readable description of their structure is useful information in Chinese character retrieval and processing. In particular, the “functional structure” of Chinese character, which describes the structure using “functional components” that retain as much as possible the phonetic value and/or semantic categories, is useful in describing the ontology of Chinese characters, however apparent components and apparent structures are also necessary for retrieval of Chinese characters. A simple way to deal with this is to describe both the functional structure and the apparent structure, however if we can convert the functional structure to the apparent structure automatically, we can describe only the functional structure. If this is possible, it can be said that this is effective in reducing the cost of data creation and data management. Therefore, we developed a rewriting system to convert a functional structure into the apparent structure. This paper describes the outline of the method.



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