A 28-nm FD-SOI 8T Dual-Port SRAM for Low-Energy Image Processor With Selective Sourceline Drive Scheme

HANDLE Open Access


This paper presents a low-energy 64-Kb eight-transistor (8T) one-read/one-write dual-port image memory with a 28-nm fully depleted SOI (FD-SOI) process technology. Our proposed SRAM adopts a selective sourceline drive (SSD) scheme and a consecutive data write technique for improving active energy efficiency at low voltage. The novel SSD scheme controls sourceline voltage and eliminates leakage energy at unselected columns in read operations. We fabricated a 64-Kb 8T dual-port SRAM in the 28-nm FD-SOI process technology. The 8T SRAM cell size is 0.291 × 1.457 μm 2 . The test chip exhibits 0.48-V operation at an access time of 135 ns. The energy minimum point is at a supply voltage of 0.56 V and an access time of 35 ns, where 265.0 fJ/cycle in write operations and 389.6 fJ/cycle in read operations are achieved. These factors are, respectively, 30% and 26% smaller than those of the 8T dual-port SRAM with the conventional scheme.



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