Secret Account Ownership among Half of the Students, and Hiroyuki Is a Trusted Influencer: Perception Survey and Basic Report of Generation Z College Students at Two Universities

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  • 裏垢保有は約半数,ひろゆき氏は信頼厚いインフルエンサー:2大学で行ったZ世代大学生の認識調査・基礎報告
  • リコウ ホユウ ワ ヤク ハンスウ,ヒロユキ シ ワ シンライ アツイ インフルエンサー : 2 ダイガク デ イッタ Z セダイ ダイガクセイ ノ ニンシキ チョウサ ・ キソ ホウコク

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This study focuses on Generation Z, individuals born from the late 1990s to the late 2000s, and investigates their social media behavior and associated psychological factors. In the context of the "Attention Economy," where attention and cognition are highly regarded as valuable managerial resources, it is not fully understood how the competition for attention on social media affects the behavior and psychology of Generation Z. This research employs a questionnaire survey targeting university students in the Kanto and Kansai regions and analyze the antecedent of support for influencer, the use of highly anonymous accounts, the relationship between long-term social media use and well-being.


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