<Article>A Preliminary Comparison of Opinions on Measures against Pollen between Allergic and Non-Allergic University Students in Kyoto, Japan

  • KAWASE, Mari
    Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

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  • <論文>花粉症の有無別に見た花粉症対策に対する京都市の大学生の意識に関する予備的考察
  • 花粉症の有無別に見た花粉症対策に対する京都市の大学生の意識に関する予備的考察
  • カフンショウ ノ ウム ベツ ニ ミタ カフンショウ タイサク ニ タイスル キョウトシ ノ ダイガクセイ ノ イシキ ニ カンスル ヨビテキ コウサツ

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This study compared opinions on measures against pollen between allergic and non-allergic university students in Kyoto, Japan. Questionnaire surveys were conducted in June 2013 on 21 students during "Forest Science", one of the classes for liberal arts and general education courses, and on 19 students during "Laboratory Course in Applied Forest and Biomaterials Science", one of the classes for 3rd grade students of Department of Forest and Biomaterials Science. The collection rate was 100.0%. 18 students were allergic. Most of them were allergic to pollen of Japanese cedar(Cryptomeria japonica)or Japanese cypress(Chamaecyparis obtusa). 21 students were not allergic to pollen. One student who did not respond was excluded. The main findings were as follows. 1)Students who were allergic to pollen tended to think that timber-producing forests should be managed to reduce allergenic pollen. 2)Students who were allergic to pollen tended to choose "reduce pollen production" and "remove pollen from buildings". Future study should include more number of respondents to examine differences of opinions by severity of symptoms.


  • Forest Research, Kyoto

    Forest Research, Kyoto 79 33-41, 2016-01-29



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