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A multicenter phase II study of salvage photodynamic therapy using talaporfin sodium (ME2906) and a diode laser (PNL6405EPG) for local failure after chemoradiotherapy or radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) showed promising efficacy for local failure after chemoradiotherapy (CRT) for esophageal cancer. However, PDT required long sun shade period. This study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of PDT using second generation photosensitizer, talaporfin sodium for local failure after CRT. This was the multi-institutional non-randomized phase II study. Patients with histologically proven local failure limited within the muscularis propria after 50Gy or more radiotherapy (RT) for esophageal cancer were eligible. We set the primary endpoint as local complete response (L-CR) per patients. And, secondary endpoints were confirmed L-CR, local progression free survival (L-PFS), progression free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS), L-CR per lesions (Lesion L-CR), and confirmed Lesion L-CR. The PDT procedure commenced with intravenous administration of a 40 mg/m2 dose of talaporfin sodium followed by diode laser irradiation at a 664 nm wavelength. 26 eligible patients were enrolled and all were treated with PDT. Twenty three patients with 25 lesions were assessed L-CR after PDT; the L-CR rate per patients was 88.5% (95% CI: 69.8%-97.6%). No skin phototoxicity was observed, and no grade 3 or worse non-hematological toxicities related to PDT were observed. PDT using talaporfin sodium and a diode laser is a safe and curative salvage treatment for local failure after CRT or RT for patients with esophageal cancer.

This study is supported by Health and Labor Sciences Research Grant, Research on Clinical Trial on Development of New Drugs and Medical Devices (H24-012).


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    Oncotarget 8 (13), 22135-22144, 2016-12-20

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