The Status and the Effects of Administrative Support for the Volunteer Activities for Stray Cats


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  • 行政による地域猫活動の支援状況およびその効果について
  • ギョウセイ ニ ヨル チイキ ネコカツドウ ノ シエン ジョウキョウ オヨビ ソノ コウカ ニツイテ

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Activities by community volunteers who care for stray cats, such as neutering and caring for stray cats, were supported at various administrative levels in Japan. In order to identify the status of the activities in which support is provided by the administrations and to assess the effect, we conducted a questionnaire survey to each government in 2008. The activities to support volunteer activities related to stray cats was significantly higher in the 23 wards of Tokyo than in other cities in Tokyo. Many of the local administrations did not have information about whether there were any such activities. There were significantly more administrations in the 23 wards of Tokyo and the other cities in Tokyo than in local administrations, which supported the activities such as enacting ordinances and animal protection promotion plans, and providing financial assistance to cover the cost of sterilization surgeries. This study could not clarify the effects of these support activities on reducing the number of and the nuisances caused by stray cats. However, it was suggested that efforts at the early period by every administration to assess the situation of stray cats and offer support activities would make the animal protection plans more effective.





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