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経済の道徳の場としての経済市民と市場秩序 : ウルリッヒの所論を中心として


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  • ケイザイ ノ ドウトク ノ バ ト シテノ ケイザイ シミン ト シジョウ チツジョ ウルリッヒ ノ ショロン オ チュウシン ト シテ
  • Wirtschftsburger and Rahmenordnung des Marktes als <Orte> der Moral des Wirtschaftens : P.Ulrich's Meinung

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According to P. Ulrich' thought, economic citizen, market order and business enterprise are given as (loci) of morality of economic activities. In this paper, at first we outlined his opinions about the former two, that is economic citizen and market order, and the republicanism-liberalism on which they rest. Then we examined them from perspectives of philosophy, politics and economic ethics. (We will treat business ethics in our next paper.)


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