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  • アソビ オ ドノ ヨウ ニ キジュツ スル カ ショウテンカ サレタ ソウゴ コウイ ト シュウヘンテキ ソウゴ コウイ ノ カンケイ
  • How Can Child's Play be Described? : The Relation between Focused Interaction and Peripheral Interaction

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When describing children's play, we often adopt the method of setting the activity governed by the rule of specific play on a center. However the process of play they participate is more important than the kind of the play. One of the causes by which researchers are confused suited the nature of children's interaction. Their interaction may develop on spatially diffusive utterance. Children often throw their utterances from an unexpected place. And then they catch them and reply calmly. Such a feature is described only in the form of gap from the category and the rule of play. It must be a negative expression. So, if the activity that has been independent of a rule, it is considered that it is remainder. Or we give it an independent category characterized as an expressive function. If it carries out from the conventional viewpoint, although interaction on the periphery of play will be regarded as remainder, it seems to have an important meaning. The play model on spatially diffusive utterance offers the explanation about the role of such an interaction. The whole scene which play develops consists of two portions; focused interaction and peripheral interaction. Six patterns can be considered if the point how both relation changes is noted. Each pattern is reflecting aspects of affairs, such as bordering maintenance, change, demolition, and reconstruction. In any case, a certain interaction and another one influence each other. It can be said that there is no basis judged that the interaction with a specific focus represents the essential part of the play with the meaning exclusively.


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