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  • 研究活動に関わる二重投稿・不正投稿について(竹中暉雄教授退任記念号)
  • ケンキュウ カツドウ ニ カカワル ニジュウ トウコウ ・ フセイ トウコウ ニ ツイテ
  • On Duplicate and Unfair Publications Related to Research Activities(Special Issue Dedicated to Professor TAKENAKA Teruo)

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In recent years, the Japanese academic world has been at a loss to cope with duplicate publications in scholarly journals. This article shows the backgrounds that may tend to produce to duplicate publications, and the present situations that scientific societies in Japan are wrestling with. Second, the author considers the conceptual structure of duplicate publications, and their legal meaning relating to copyright. Third, this paper tells R&D institutions how to prevent the duplication of publications by hired researchers. Finally, the author presents concrete examples relating to duplicate publications, and indicates which cases fall into the category of improper publications.



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