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後期中英語の宗教表現 : Margaret Pastonの書簡を通して


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  • Some Religious Expressions in Late Middle English : through Margaret Paston's Letters
  • コウキ チュウエイゴ ノ シュウキョウ ヒョウゲン MARGARET PASTON ノ ショカン オ トオシテ

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"The aim of this paper is to describe some religious expressions in Late Middle English on the basis of our own data from Margaret Paston's letters and papers. Despite extensive and complete texts of Paston Letters edited by Gairdner and Davis, a Paston glossary still has not appeared in print. Classifying the data according to the optative and the non- optative types, we suggest that the optative type should take up the position primarily towards the end of the letter and that it should be expressed in certain fixed forms. Margaret's optative sentences include the following sixteen verbs: amend, assoil, be, bless, bring, defend, deliver, give, have, help, keep, make, preserve, save, send, speed, of which the five verbs, amend, assoil, bring, deliver, make are not listed among the optative verbs in the OED nor in the MED. Moreover, the fixed form 'The Trinity have you in his keeping' is that of Margarets's optative sentences addressed to her husband, and the more simplified form 'God keep you' is that to her two sons. With regard to the non- optative type, we clarify some religious expressions in the main and the subordinate clauses, and in the prepositional phrases."


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