The utilization of the Diabetes Oral Health Assessment Tool© for Nurses by Diabetes Nurse Specialists

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Aim:To evaluate the utilization of the Diabetes Oral Health Assessment Tool (DiOHAT©) for Nurses by Diabetes Nurse Specialists(DNSs)in the clinical settings. Methods : A survey was done using self-administered questionnaire distributed to 138 DNSs who signified continuing collaboration during the authors’ previous study. The DNSs answered the questionnaire after utilization of the DiOHAT© in the clinical settings. Results : Forty-seven DNSs responded(34.1%). The data revealed that items on cooperation with dental professionals(e.g., “regular dental visits” (88%), etc.)were frequently utilized, but those about oral function and self-care(e.g.,“checking one’s mouth with a mirror” (40%)and “use of supplementary tools” (44%), etc.)were rarely utilized. However, over 60% of DNSs evaluated the DiOHAT© utilization version on the “nursing-process” and “collecting-information” as “possible” or “possible if revised”. Non-utilization of the DiOHAT© were due to insufficient time, and insufficient knowledge and skill. Conclusion : The results of the study revealed the need for DNSs to increase their knowledge and skill about the content and use of the DiOHAT© e.g. oral function, and self-care, and to examine the coordination and division of roles between DNSs and dental specialists to support the oral health care of patients with diabetes.


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