Expectations for Nursing Care among Breast Cancer Patients in the United States : Based on a Survey Centered on the City of Los Angeles

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  • アメリカにおける乳がん患者の看護援助への期待 : ロサンゼルス市を中心とした調査から
  • アメリカ ニ オケル ニュウガン カンジャ ノ カンゴ エンジョ エノ キタイ ロサンゼルスシ オ チュウシン ト シタ チョウサ カラ

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A survey was conducted on breast cancer patients visiting one of three cancer patient support facilities in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas in the United States with the objective of elucidating the expectations for nursing care among breast cancer patients in the United States. The survey was conducted from October 2002 to March 2003 by the placement method (questionnaires distributed, n=300) using an anonymous self-report questionnaire. Analysis was performed for 113 responses that were collected by mail. Expectations for nursing care were ranked as follows: "provision of information", 85.8%; "emotional support", 85.0%; "awareness and social activities", 77.9%; and "introduction of patients experiencing the same illness", 71.7%. Regarding "provision of information", the expected contents primarily included "patient support groups" (63.7%), "disease" (61.9%), and "self-examination and regular examination" (53.1%). The present findings revealed that patients expected nurses to not only provide nursing care during treatment, but also to assume a wide range of roles as a professional to provide support such as emotional support, provision of information, and awareness and social activities during the recovery process. In addition, because individuals who had experienced breast cancer and fellow patients such as members of patient support groups played major roles in provision of information as well as emotional support, promotion of mutual support among patients through patient support groups and other means was also crucial in nursing care.




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