Clara Schumann : Traces of Activities as Seen in On-the-Spot Survey

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  • クララ・シューマン : 現地調査に見る活動の軌跡 (音楽表現学科特集号)
  • クララ・シューマン--現地調査に見る活動の軌跡
  • クララ シューマン ゲンチ チョウサ ニ ミル カツドウ ノ キセキ

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I have been doing scholarly research on Clara Schumann for many years, and have read plenty of books and papers about her. Throughout the twists and turns in her life of glory, I really cannot help admiring her way of life —filled with profound vitality, despite much anguish. In this context, I conducted a field survey by visiting the places where she used to live and tracing her activities. The reason for this survey was that the vitality of Clara's activities and background would come to light more clearly. In Germany, the places of residence have changed very often during the past 100 years, and there are places where town streets have undergone great changes. I started to make inquiries at local city halls, checking out the addresses of Clara in the 1800's. I found that she had lived at 14 different places in her whole life, and at the same time she held countless concerts both in and out of the country. Although it can be considered natural, judging from the vitality of Clara's activities and her profound enthusiasm for the arts, reacting to and escaping from the burden of sorrow from losing her mother, husband and children certainly stimulated her to action. In this paper I explore the lifetime of Clara Schumann and the background to her marvelous activities through an on-the-spot survey.



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