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  • 柱状Siナノ構造における局所電気伝導と電子放出特性評価(酸化物(成膜・評価).電子源,結晶成長,評価及びデバイス(化合物,Si,SiGe,電子・光材料))
  • チュウジョウ Si ナノ コウゾウ ニ オケル キョクショ デンキ デンドウ ト デンシ ホウシュツ トクセイ ヒョウカ
  • Characterization of Local Electronic Transport and Electronic Emission Properties of Pillar-Shaped Si Nanostructures

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A highly-dense Si nanocolumnar structure accompanied with Si nanocrystals was fabricated on a W layer /quartz by inductively-coupled plasma enhanced CVD and treated with anodic oxidation. And after the formation of a few nanometer thick Au layer as a top-electrode, electron transport properties through Si nanocolumnar structures so-prepared were characterized by means of atomic force microscopy (AFM) with a conductive cantilever in both contact and non-contact modes. When the W bottom electrode was biased at -23V with respect to the grounded Au-top electrode, a current increase of the order of 〜3pA was detected in several areas corresponding to Si nanocolumns even in the condition that the distance between the sample surface and the AFM probe was kept constant typically at 200nm. The result is attributable to the electron emission as a result of inelastic transport through Si nanocrystals via nanocolumnar structure.



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