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  • コウソク イドウ カンキョウ カ ニ オケル バイチョッコウ シュウハスウブンカツ ノ ガウスパルス ケイジョウ ノ サイテキカ ニ ヨル ISI ICI ノ テイゲン
  • Optimizing Gaussian Pulse Shape of BFDM to Reduce ISI/ICI in Highly Mobile Environments

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In highly mobile environments assumed time-frequency dispersive channels, reducing intersymbol interference(ISI) and intercarrier interference (ICI) depends on the signal pulse shape. Biorthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (BFDM) is an efficient modulation in terms of designing pulses flexibly. So BFDM can use Gaussian pulse which is a time-frequency well localized. However, the Gaussian pulse shape is not optimized in every channel. In this paper, we optimize the Gaussian pulse shape against the channels by maximizing the ratio of the ambiguity function of the pulses. Numerical result show that the proposed method is effective for the optimization of the Gaussian pulse shape.

IEICE Technical Report;RCS2011-73



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