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ポスター講演 路車間可視光通信における時空間画像を基にしたLEDアレイ捕捉手法

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  • 路車間可視光通信における時空間画像を基にしたLEDアレイ捕捉手法
  • ポスター コウエン ロシャ カン カシコウ ツウシン ニ オケル ジクウカン ガゾウ オ モト ニ シタ LED アレイ ホソク シュホウ
  • LED array acquisition method based on Spatio-temporal image in Road to Vehicle Visible Light Communication

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In this paper, we focus attention on road-to-vehicle visible light communication(R2V-VLC) in intelligent transport systems. This system uses an LED array as a transmitter and a high-speed camera as a receiver. To implement R2V-VLC, it is necessary to acquire the target LED array from the captured images at receiver before data demodulation. To achieve accurate acquisition, we analyze LED array by use of Spatio-temporal image. As the result of the analysis, we show the LED array in the spatio-temporal image has high time-gradient value and low space-gradient value. After that we propose a new LED array acquisition method using such characteristic gradient values.

IEICE Technical Report;NS2013-37, IEICE Technical Report;RCS2013-88


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