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Research and Development Activity of Asahi Engineers before, during work at the after their Employments at Asahi Jinzokenshi and Asahi Kenshoku in 1920~1940s: (Part II) Analysis on the Publication Lists


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An attempt was made to uncover and investigate, from meticulous analysis on the data base of scientific papers, reviews and patents constructed in the previous paper (This journal, vol. 17, (2002)), R & D achievements of 25 ex-Asahi chemist individuals, before and during work at and after resignation from Asahi. Total number of the publications amounted to 26, 60 and 154, corresponding to the above three periods. Average duration of the employment by other organizations before joining to Asahi was 3.7 years. Judging from previous job career and R & D achievements, 3 experienced graduate chemists, 3 mid-career technical college graduates and 13 new recruitments joined to Asahi in 1919~1927. Five individuals, all of them belonging to the categories of the established and mid-career engineers, published totally 12 papers, 7 reviews (Code no. 1) and 5 patents (Code no. 6) before joining to Asahi. Ex-Asahi engineers, who resigned from Asahi before full retirement (defined as Group I), stayed on average 6 years at Asahi. All Asahi engineers, who were once employed by Asahi, published 16 papers and 44 patents at Asahi. Close correlation was confirmed among them between the productivity of scientific research and that of technological development. Research activity of some major chemists was investigated in connection with their job positions. Role of Asahi chemists was demonstrated in the three cases to vary significantly, depending on the time of resignation from Asahi.





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