The Effects of Onomatopoeias on the Language Acquisition in Early Childhood

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  • 幼児期の言語獲得におけるオノマトペの役割
  • ヨウジキ ノ ゲンゴ カクトク ニ オケル オノマトペ ノ ヤクワリ

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There are a lot of onomatopoeias frequently used on a daily basis. Onomatopoeias are especially effective when sharing vague senses. Onomatopoeias have some common points with infant languages and motherese. Therefore, it can be inferred that onomatopoeias are easy for infants to use; thus, infants frequently use onomatopoeias. This paper examines the role of onomatopoeias in language acquisition in early childhood through literatures. In conclusion, onomatopoeias play a role in linking an impression of sounds with abstract words.



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