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  • The rights of self-determination in emergency medicine and application for emergency adult patients.

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At present, the right of medical self-determination to decide one's own treatment policy is a matter of course. This right to self-determination is derived from the right to pursue happiness in Article 13 of the Constitution. In order to exercise the right to self determination, it is necessary to receive a thorough explanation of the medical condition, presentation of multiple treatment policies, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the prognosis, and then make a convincing decision. However, in the field of emergency medical care, there is also the difficulty that the medical condition changes over time, the diagnosis is uncertain, and the medical treatment must proceed even if the patient-doctor relationship is inadequate. For adult patients with capacity, we will try to exercise our right to self-determination after giving sufficient explanation. If the capacity of the patient is weakened, the patient should confirm the intention of the examination and treatment with relatives, etc., but the intention should be estimated and the treatment policy should be selected to maximize the benefit to the patient.




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