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【論文】電気集塵装置のモデル構築と考察(その2)―電気集塵装置 稼働モデルの検討―



Aim of using an electrostatic precipitator, there is reducing the generation emission under emission standard for industrial using. On the other hand, an air cleaner in home use, it is required to lower the concentration in the closed space with low power. Corona discharge is used in the pre-charger of the electrostatic precipitator, and the ozone is emitted. The increase in ozone concentration must also be required in the enclosed space. In this study, the reduction of the particle concentration when the electric precipitator was applied to the open and the closed spaces with calculated using MATLAB/Simulink. The differential equations were modeled and calculated. It is considered that this model can be developed to a model-based control of the electrostatic precipitator in the future.



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