A consideration on relation between Reading literacy and "KUIS Japanese Proficiency Test" at college administration (2)

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  • 大学入学時における読解力と「日本語運用能力テスト」との関係に関する一考察(2)
  • ダイガク ニュウガクジ ニ オケル ドッカイリョク ト 「 ニホンゴ ウンヨウ ノウリョク テスト 」 ト ノ カンケイ ニ カンスル イチ コウサツ(2)

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The improvement of Japanese proficiency as the first language was requested. At theuniversity which served as the subject of this research, the second and third year students have taken the university's "Japanese Proficiency Test." The program is offered to those who will be sure to enter the school in April. The two programs are "Japanese Proficiency Test," and "Introduction to Seminar." They were analyzed using two viewpoints: (1) thecontent of reading comprehension; and (2) the form of expressions in the readingcomprehension. The results show some association between Japanese proficiency andcomprehension of content.


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