The recovery process of broken Acropora branches at Mizugama, Okinawa Island, Japan

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  • 沖縄本島水釜海域におけるミドリイシ属サンゴの破損した枝の回復過程
  • recovery process of broken Acropora branches at Mizugama Okinawa Island Japan

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Four dominants pecies ofs cleractinianc oral,A cropora gemmifera,A . digitifera,A . millepora and A. hyacinthusw erein vestigatedo n ther eef front of Mizugama reef,Ok inawa Island,Ja pan. Recoveryp rocesses involving tissue pigmentation and polyp formation were characterized for each colony. The broken surface area was smaler and ther ate of axialp olyp formation was faster forA. hyacinthus thanf or A. gemmifera. Furthermore, some branches ofA .g emmifera formed am ound-like shapei nt hec entralle siona rea, which seemedt o delayt hef ormationo f ana xialp olyp.T hem oundw as formed when sediment accumulatedo n the lesion,pr ior to tissuec overage.T his study indicates thatth e differences inp olyp formation and polypr ecovery varies amongs pecies, whichi nt urn are affectedb ye nvironmentalfa ctors buta lso inherent,sp ecies specific, constraints.




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