Theory and Usage of Kit-Build Concept Map: Formative Assessment, Critical Thinking, Cooperative Work and FD

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  • キットビルド概念マップの理論と活用 : 形成的評価・批判的思考・共同作業・FDの観点から


In this paper, theory and usage of kit-build concept map are introduced. In the framework of the kit-build concept map, a teacher is required to make a concept map that represents the content of his/her lecture. In other words, the concept map (teacher map) represents understanding expected to be achieved by students after the lecture. The students are required to make the concept map as re-composition with the components generated by decomposing the teacher map. It is able to overlap the recomposed map (student map) with the teacher map, and the differences derived by the overlapping show the differences in comprehension between the teacher and the students. This analysis of the student map is a formative assessment. Besides, several the student maps are also able to be overlapped, and the overlapped map (group map) shows the understanding of the student group. The group map is also analysis by overlapping with the teacher map. The kit-build concept map is practically used in classrooms from elementary school to university. In this presentation, usage of it is introduced from viewpoint of formative assessment, critical thinking, collaborative work and faculty development respectively.

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