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4. Material Science and Radiation Effects

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  • I. Annual Summary of Experimental Research Activities. I-2. Collaboration Researches


CO4-1 Millimeter Wave Absorption Spectra of Ionic Liquids. T. Awano and T. Takahashi (27008) [71]

CO4-2 Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites by Gamma-ray Irradiation Reduction Method. F. Hori et al. (27019) [72]

CO4-3 Gamma-ray Induced Photocurrent of Field Emitter Array and Cadmium Telluride-Cadmium Sulfied Photodiode. Y. Gotoh et al. (27021) [73]

CO4-4 The Development of AMOC System for KUR Positron Beam Facility. K. Nagumo et al. (27023) [74]

CO4-5 Basic Study on Radiation-induced Luminescence from Natural Mineral. H. Fujita et al. (27032)[75]

CO4-6 Study of the Scientific Properties of Water and the Physiological Activation Phenomena by Using High-Intensity Pulsed Coherent Radiation. S. Okuda et al. (27036) [76]

CO4-7 Analysis of Circularly Polarized CTR Using Babinet-Soleil Compensator. T. Takahashi (27073) [77]

CO4-8 57Fe Mossbauer Spectra of Normalconducting Sr2CrFeAsO3-d. T. Otsuka et al. (27074)[78]

CO4-9 Complex Structure of Ions Coordinated with Hydrophilic Polymer. 16. Application for Metaric Plating on Resin Surface. (1). A. Kawaguchi and Y. Morimoto (27075) [79]

CO4-10 Interactions of Deuterium with Defects Created in Tungsten by Irradiation of High Energy Electrons. Y. Hatano et al. (27082) [80]

CO4-11 Effect of Ion Species on Defect Formation near Surface of GaSb by Ion Irradiaiton. C. Watanabe et al. (27084) [81]

CO4-12 Electron Beam Test of Avaranche Photodiode for Ganymede Laser Altimeter of Jovian Icy Satellite Exploerer. M. Kobayashi et al. (27085) [82]


  • KURRI Progress Report

    KURRI Progress Report 2015 (APRIL 2015 – MARCH 2016), 71-82, 2016-08

    The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University


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